On September 18th, 2007, our Service Technician Henning Henningsen became part of Nordhavn Power Solutions’ strong service team, and he came with a lot of courage and desire to go out and help the customers.

From day one, Henning loved how Nordhavn Power Solutions left enormous responsibility to him and the other service technician.

“It is special how much responsibility you have when you are alone out in the “field”. You are representing Nordhavn Power Solutions, but you are also an independent service technician. If you are on a ship, on the coast of Africa and have to make a quick decision about a certain solution, you don’t call home and check with the boss first. Then you make your own decisions and stand by them – and they are often the right decisions”, says Henning with a smile on his face.

Today’s jubilarian is also not shy about sharing his good advice on how to become a good service technician.

“You can be very good with your hands and have a handle on different solutions and techniques, but it is even more important that the customer understands what you do. Communication with the customer is the most important thing, and it is of no use if you cannot tell and explain to the customer what you are doing and why.”

henning henningsen
Henning Henningsen

No plans to stop

Although Henning has grown a few more gray hairs on his scalp since his start in 2007, this does not mean that he is done traveling and helping the many customers around the world.

“In the future, it may well be that I will sit at the desk a bit more than I do now. I know that I will still want to travel and help solve tasks for customers. I know myself well enough, and I know that I have too much gunpowder in my ass to sit at a desk.”

Despite the gray hairs and powder in the ass, we are still happy to have a skilled and experienced person like Henning associated with our service team at Nordhavn Power Solutions.

We wish Henning a big congratulations on his 15th anniversary.