In 1996, Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S hired Jan Lausten to the company, as he was known to be the man “who kicked in doors” at shipyards around the world.

Jan was hired as Export Manager with primary task entering the export marked in The Far East and Europe.

Jan says “it was the biggest experience in my time at Nordhavn – building up our export marked! We sold around 350 emergency generating sets a year plus auxiliary generating sets”.

In 2008 – 2011 the financial crisis impacted Nordhavn, like many other companies.
Sales to newbuilding’s dropped drastically – shipping companies choose to repair instead of building.

25 års jubilæum - JAL + SR

Jan Laustsen to the left together with CEO Søren Rasmussen

The repairs lead to a marked increase of our spare parts.
In 2015 Nordhavn therefor decided to change focus, which also lead to Jan changing job function to After Sales Manager.

Not many salespersons are enthusiastic about canvassing, but Jan is! He is looking forward to normalized conditions in the world again, so that he can “hit the road”.

Despite his modest age of 66 years, Jan has no plan to retire, which we highly appreciate.

We congratulate Jan with his 25 years anniversary.