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LET´S MEET AT SMM 2022 Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S will attend SMM 2022 and will be represented by CEO - Søren Rasmussen and CSO - Jørk Rudolph. They look forward having a dialog with you about our large span of power solutions and to show you the first ever methanol engine for propulsion [...]

LET´S MEET AT SMM 20222022-08-31T12:33:53+00:00

New name – same company

NEW NAME - SAME COMPANY We have turned up our own ambitions! - we aim to become one of the leading suppliers, on green power solutions for the maritime and industrial sector. To emphasis the ambitions and that we offer more power solutions, we have changed our name to Nordhavn Power Solutions. Although [...]

New name – same company2022-01-26T10:23:23+00:00

New power from AGCO

NEW POWER FROM AGCO - IMO TIER III / STAGE V ENGINES The long-awaited AGCO Powers (SISU/Valmet) new IMO Tier III / Stage V engine with low Nox emissions is now released and ready to be introduced! The engine is offered from 130 kW to 221 kW in model 49LFEN and 74LFEN for [...]

New power from AGCO2022-01-26T10:23:32+00:00

Elite supplier

ELITE SUPPLIER At Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S we are extremely happy these days. We have received certification from the Public Prosecutor that we are Elite supplier for the public sector 2019. In “Repair and installation of machines and equipment” (our group) we got an 8th place among 970 candidates, which [...]

Elite supplier2022-01-26T10:23:41+00:00

NEWS! Methanol solutions

NEWS! METHANOL SOLUTIONS Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S has the intention and a mission to be in the lead regarding alternative environmentally friendly power solutions. Therefor a new and exciting distributor agreement* has been signed with ScandiNAOS. ScandiNAOS have developed methanol solution based on the solid Scania marine and industrial XPI-engine. The first internal [...]

NEWS! Methanol solutions2022-01-26T10:23:50+00:00

3 Expedition Cruise with Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S delivery

3 NEWBUILDINGS WITH NORDHAVN POWER SOLUTIONS A/S DELIVERY At Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S we are very excited of being chosen as supplier of 2 units GASI 16-06, 579 kW for two new Expedition Cruise ships – build by Helsinki Shipyard for STLC Europe Nine Leasing Ltd. The ships have newbuilding number [...]

3 Expedition Cruise with Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S delivery2022-01-26T10:24:04+00:00


ÆRØXPRESSEN With support from private shareholders (public shares), a hybrid ferry will arrive between Marstal and Rudkøbing – ÆrøXpressen, in the autumn of 2019. The ferry is built by Hvide Sande Shipyard, whom has ordered 2 units SCANIA GASI 16-07 – 534 kWe generator set (IMO TIER III approved) from [...]


25 years anniversary

25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY In 1996, Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S hired Jan Lausten to the company, as he was known to be the man "who kicked in doors" at shipyards around the world. Jan was hired as Export Manager with primary task entering the export marked in The Far East and Europe. Jan says [...]

25 years anniversary2022-01-26T10:24:25+00:00

Scania virtual showroom

SCANIA SHOWROOM Scania have developed a virtual showroom, which is open 24/7 until April 6th, 2021, giving you the opportunity to take a closer look at their NEWS – two of them is: Scanias modular electrified power system – optimize giving (among other things): Exceptional torque and response from start [...]

Scania virtual showroom2022-01-26T10:24:31+00:00


ISO-certified Throughout 2020 Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S have worked on becoming ISO 9001 og ISO 14001 certified. It has been a company effort with many working hours to reach target – being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The motivation to be ISO certified is an experienced demand from our customers and business partners, [...]

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