25 years anniversary

25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY In 1996, Nordhavn A/S hired Jan Lausten to the company, as he was known to be the man "who kicked in doors" at shipyards around the world. Jan was hired as Export Manager with primary task entering the export marked in The Far East and Europe. Jan says “it was the biggest [...]

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Scania virtual showroom

SCANIA SHOWROOM Scania have developed a virtual showroom, which is open 24/7 until April 6th, 2021, giving you the opportunity to take a closer look at their NEWS – two of them is: Scanias modular electrified power system – optimize giving (among other things): Exceptional torque and response from start [...]

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Throughout 2020 Nordhavn A/S have worked on becoming ISO 9001 og ISO 14001 certified. It has been a company effort with many working hours to reach target – being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The motivation to be ISO certified is an experienced demand from our customers and business partners, but also in [...]


New ferry to Molslinjen – Express 5

NEW FERRY TO MOLSLINJEN - EXPRESS 5 At Austal Shipyard they are building the new ferry Express 5 for Molslinjen. To the project, Nordhavn A/S have delivered gensets - consisting of 4 units GASI 16-07, 454 kW. Facts about the ferry: Bornholmslinjen / Express 5 will operate between Rønne, Denmark [...]

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Roadshow 2020

ROADSHOW 2020 Together with our sister company West-Marine A/S, we will set off towards 8 larger harbour cities, to introduce a large selection of our products, but also to make a different initiative in the harbour cities and to meet you, who are in and around the harbour area. On the tour, we [...]

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We started preparation

WE STARTED PREPARATION Today we are prepairing one of our trucks that will leave in a few day to 8 larger harbours in Denmark. More information will follow - so keep an eye on our social medias were we will reveal more details.

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Theme day

THEME DAY It is important to evolve and collect new knowledge! Therefor main part of all employees at Nordhavn A/S, was together with our sister company West-Marine A/S on a theme day in Århus. The day was filled with education and getting to know each other better, to strengthen the [...]

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General Cargo ship Vermland

GENERAL CARGO SHIP VERMLAND Nordhavn A/S has delivered 2 units GASI 16-05, 507 kW and 1 unit GASI 16-05, 425 kW to General Cargo ship “Vermland”. The units are sold through our good business partner MEST P/F on the Faroe Islands and following mounted on Ørskov Shipyard in Frederikshavn. The fine orange units [...]

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NEWS! New engine brand

NEWS! NEW ENGINE BRAND We are pleased to share our most recent cooperation. Nordhavn A/S has signed an agreement to become an exclusive distributor in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, of French Industry and Marine engine brand: Baudouin is a more than 100-year-old company that designs and produces high [...]

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New investment – Dynamometer

NEW INVESTMENT - DYNAMOMETER Our new investment – Dynamometer ETB76 – purchased by Dutch Dynostar, is now installed in our test center. The dynamometer fits all diesel engines. It has a maximal effect on 1250 kW and max 5000 rpm, which also makes the dynamometer ideal for testing high revving engines. [...]

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