The Esbjerg shipping company ESVAGT announced in April a collaboration with Ørsted to create the first C02-neutral SOV. The ship will be the world’s first green service vessel for offshore wind installations. When they had to point to a supplier of the green methanol solution, the choice fell on Nordhavn Power Solutions.

We are not going to deliver another solution that looks like the other climate-friendly Power-to-X solutions. We will deliver a green solution that the market has never seen before.

It is a delivery of 3 methanol-based generator systems for the service vessel, and it is an agreement that warms the heart of our CSO, Jørk Rudolph.

“It is a huge pat on the back when one of the largest shipping companies in Denmark has chosen us as a supplier for this new building. We ourselves are convinced that our methanol-based generator system is a very good solution in the green transition. It means a lot when such a significant company in the industry thinks the same,” says Jørk Rudolph and talks more about the world news.

“We are not just bringing another green solution to the market. We are actually coming up with a green solution that will be the first of its kind. It is a truly unique solution that can give further impetus to the green transition.”


According to the deputy director of ESVAGT, Kristian Ole Jakobsen, it has been easy to point to Nordhavn Power Solutions when they had to find the green solution for their new SOV, and he is pleased with the agreement.

“Nordhavn Power Solutions is a quality supplier, and we have previously used them as a supplier for our existing fleet. It was therefore obvious to choose them as the supplier of our new green engine solution, as we know that they always deliver quality products. We are convinced that their methanol-based generator system will meet our expectations,” says Kristian Ole Jakobsen.

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