Our latest post has been about what our customers can do to accommodate green conversion.

But what about ourselves?

Our CEO, Søren Rasmussen, has taken a position on this question and has come to the conclusion that we must focus on reducing the CO2 footprint that Nordhavn Power Solutions sets.

We do this by becoming a self-sufficient energy company!

And how do we do that?

By using what nature gives us – sun and wind.
We therefore invest i.a. in solar cells and roof wind turbines, which means that our electricity consumption throughout the company becomes CO2-neutral when we are finally on target.

This means that our emissions are reduced and thus provide a reduced climate impact.

But are we doing more?

Yes! We are working to get our fleet into electric operation. Charging stands are installed as well as a battery bank, which helps to store the excess energy – generated by e.g. the solar cells and the roof wind turbines.

So when do we do that?

We’re already up and running! All lighting has been changed to LED to reduce our electricity consumption. We are in the process of retrieving offers and preparing the installations to become self-sufficient in energy. And our CEO, is certainly not done thinking about green conversion into Nordhavn Power Solutions!

The goal is to become CO2-neutral and the first milestone is the end of 2022, when solar cells and roof wind turbines are fully installed!

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