We look forward to being part of the fact that Greenland soon gets an even more effective maritime infrastructure.

There are not five ordinary ships, which Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S supplies generator and emergency power plants to Greenland vital connection.

The ships are Greenland’s livelihood, as they transport daily food from village to village, while providing a stable connection to Denmark and the rest of the world even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The new ships are in return for the long-awaited waiters.

Royal Arctic Line initially placed the order for P & S Werften in Germany, but it ended with the Polish yard Remontowa in Gdansk.

Royal Artic Line

The extra waiting time and the need for extremely durable solutions make high demands on Polish shipyard suppliers.

Nordhavn A/S has received the assignment Due to experience in lifting similar projects in Greenland:

We have been chosen because we are widely recognized to tailor generator and emergency power plants in the highest quality and always do our utmost to meet the schedule,” says CSO at Nordhavn A/S, Jørk Rudolph.

The plants vary in size and are based on the reliable and fuel economy SCANIA engines.

The ships each have their function and vary in size from approx. 30 TEU and up to 606 TEU.

They are going to be built to the smallest detail so that they can navigate for years to come under the extreme conditions prevailing in and around Greenland.

Nordhavn supplies the plants in the third quarter of 2014, and the completed ships will be delivered in the first half of 2015.


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