• High efficiency 40-45% also at part load

  • High torque also at low speed

  • Quick load response

  • Clean emissions without after treatment system
  • FulfillsIMO Tier III

  • Methanol is a sustainable solution


Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S has the intention and a mission to be in the lead regarding alternative environmentally friendly power solutions.

That Is why we have signed an exciting new distributor agreement with ScandiNAOS* in Sweden.

ScandiNAOS have developed methanol solution based on the solid Scania marine and industrial XPI-engine. The first internal combustion engine in the world, which operates on methanol and ethanol.

In the development of the engine, ScandiNAOS have gained a consistently strong understanding for the use of methanol in the industrial and maritime sector – from concept design to risk assessment to approval and rule development.

The engine uses the combustion pressure to ignite instead of spark plug to obtain higher efficiency and avoid potential corrosion due to its 2-pole electrifying system.


  • 9 Liter / 5 cylinder (Industry)
  • 13 Liter / 6 cylinder (Marine og Industry)
  • 16 Liter / V8 (Marine og Industry)
  • Variable speed up to 415 kW / 2000 – 2300 RPM (Marine)
  • Fixed speed up to 370 kWm / 1800 RPM (Marine)

  • Generator solutions


Minimum environmental impact!

  • Close to zero emissions of particulate matters
  • No Sox emissions
  • Low NOx emissions
  • No exhaust after treatment needed – saving space
  • Methanol spillage is harmless to surrounding waters

Our many years of experience and our knowhow gives you as a customer security of our knowledge to find the correct solution to your unique needs regardless size of project.

We have our own engineering and construction department with experienced engineers, technicians, and specialists who can give their qualified advisement and counseling.

All Spareparts for the engine can be purchased from our warehouse – often we can deliver on day-to-day basis.

In our Selection Guide you can read more about methanol solutions.

* Distributor in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Complete propulsion solutions and gensets can be delivered worldwide.



Metanol 13L - 210 kW (285 Hp)

13L – 210 kW (285 Hp)

Metanol 13L - 350 kW (480 Hp)

13L – 350 kW (480 Hp)

Metanol 16L - 350 kW (475 Hp)

16L – 350 kW (475 Hp)

Metanol 13L - 280 kW (375 Hp)
Metanol 13L - 280 kW (375 Hp)
Metanol 13L - 280 kW (375 Hp)
Metanol 13L - 280 kW (375 Hp)

13L – 280 kW (375 Hp)

13L – 280 kW (375 Hp)

Metanol 16L - 375 kW (505 Hp)
Metanol 16L - 375 kW (505 Hp)
Metanol 16L - 415 kW (560 Hp)
Metanol 16L - 415 kW (560 Hp)

16L – 375 kW (505 Hp)

16L – 415 kW (560 Hp)

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