Nordhavn A/S is moving into a new high-end market, where – apart from funtionality – workmanship and finish is in extremly high focus.

Nordhavn has recently delivered 1 unit GASC 13-06, 280 kWe emergency generating set to a German shipyard, which is building yachts in a size and class with unique demands to yard and sub-suppliers when it comes to workmanship and finish.

The engine was delivered “raw” from Scania in Södertälje, afterwards completely disassembled after receipt at Nordhavn workshop, added many coats of paint in order to obtain the perfect coating thickness and finish in every corner of the machine.

This job has required quite a lot of man-hours, which certainly appears from the result. Our German customer is most satisfied with the result, and we look very much forward to continuing our cooperation with them and other shipyards working in this segment.