What is more motivating than a super satisfied customer?

We experienced exactly that feeling on our latest assignment for Molslinjen.

When “Express 3” docked in the port of Aarhus, for scheduled maintenance job, our service technician Morten Poulsen and Henning Henningsen were booked to replace a Scania engine and overhaul of a generators.

In the meantime, the task had become somewhat more extensive, as Molslinjen needed to replace 2 engines and overhaul both generators – double up, on the originally booked task!

Our service technicians quickly contacted their 2 colleagues Odin Jensen and Kalle Bjerregaard to meet the customer’s needs.

The 4 service technicians managed to complete the more comprehensive task within the set time for the originally booked task – to Molslinjen´s great satisfaction!

The task was of course completed with a test of both engines and generator, so that Molslinjen could set the ferry back into operation without concern.