Problem solved !

Hartman Seatrade were having problems with their genset on board MV Eastern Rock – chartered by Amasus – and had no luck getting their problem solved with the solutions they tried.

Hartman Seatrade contacted Nordhavn Power Solutions and after communicating with our CEO – Søren Rasmussen, they agreed that our Connected Support could help them locate the problem.

“The suitcase” containing – among others – multifunctional support glasses and computer, was shipped to Hartman Seatrade, giving our Service Technician Thor Nørgaard visual access through Hartman Seatrade staff.

Hartman Seatrade

The staff and Thor located the problem, parts were ordered, shipped, and replaced – problem solved!

Crew comment: “Technology at its BEST! To solve problems with one of the generators on board of the MV Eastern Rock, we found the right partner in Nordhavn Power Solutions – they provided online remote support to solve this case on board.”

The crew was very happy with the solution and state “we will definitely recommend Nordhavn Power Solutions.