Normally you do not immediately connect an airport with rescue boats, but since CPH – Copenhagen Airport is right next to the water, rescue boats are necessary.

They are used for different rescue operations on the Oresund – typically up to 20 times a year. At the same time, they need to be ready if a plane is forced to land at sea.

Therefore, it is important that the engine starts when the need occurs. Our Service Technicians Simon Graverholt and Mikkel Fast Korsbak brought the engine to our workshop, to repair the engine.

Normally maintenance of the engine is performed on board the boat/ship, but space in the engine room was tight, so it was agreed that maintenance should be performed in our workshop, where it was also thoroughly tested.

The engine is reinstalled, and the rescue boat is operating again. Most recently, it participated in a large marine environment exercise on May 23rd,2023.

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