On the Irish fishing boat “Aine” there are two beautiful gensets with Scania DI 16 engines – at first sight, the units look brand new, but they were installed in the ship back in 2016.

After many running hours at sea, they needed a thorough 6,000 hours maintenance.

Our dedicated team, consisting of Mads Kristian Mikkelsen and Magnus Vestby, got the assignment and headed for Skagen, where the ship was docked.

What is – among other things – included in a 6,000-hour service?
– Engine check for leakage
– Engine oil change
– Lubrication system oil centrifuge cleaning
– Charge air cooler check and clean
– Turbocharger check and clean
– Coolant change
– Cooling system ensured to minus 18 degrees Celsius – minimum operating range
– Check of the batteries

Our technical experts always put hard dedication and work effort into sustaining the highest standards in maintenance.  We know how important stable operations are for our customers.

We take pride in providing thorough quality maintenance and consider it an honour, being a reliable partner for our marine as well as industrial customers.

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Fiskerbåden Aine
Fiskerbåden Aine
Fiskerbåden Aine