At Nordhavn Power Solutions A/S we are extra cheerful these days – we have obtained the tender regarding a frame agreement with the Danish Defence for 4 years, with option in up till 10 years.

In April 2019 the Ministry of Defence, Acquisition and Logistics Organization started the EU-tender process regarding a frame agreement. Nordhavn Power Solutions was ready to bid from the very start.

To bid for a tender means many working hours and a big effort – therefor our CEO/CTO Søren Rasmussen was a large part of the process, together with great cooperation with our different departments across all functions.

Rammeaftale indgået med Forsvaret

Picture from the left is CEO/CTO Søren Rasmussen – Nordhavn A/S handshaking captain Kim Bo Meier from Ministry of Defence, Acquisition and Logistics Organization.

The large effort secured Nordhavn Power Solutions the contract with The Danish Defence.

“As a company it is a great acknowledgement to win a such large tender – it has a substantial impact on the future for Nordhavn, which I look forward to set the sails for!” says CEO/CTO Søren Rasmussen.

Specific the frame agreement implies service maintenance and delivery of spare parts from Nordhavn to The Danish Defence´s 116 Scania Marine engines.

Among the ships are the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, Inspection ships, Home Guarde vessels, SAR-vessels/boats, patrol boats and others.

When one of the vessels need service maintenance, it must take place were the vessel are – no matter where in the world the vessel is.

This means that our Service Engineers can be send to conflict zones, where a prompt service is essential.

We have extensive experience with prompt service maintenance and can as example mention ferry companies, Cargo vessels, SOV and supply-vessels to offshore and the industrial sector.

“At Nordhavn Power Solutions we have through many years cooperated with The Danish Defence and look forward to continuing the good cooperation as a part of the frame agreement concluded” says CEO/CTO Søren Rasmussen.