Last week, we at Nordhavn Power Solutions were able to present the next step in our big plan to become a sustainable and self-sufficient company. Here we had more than 400 square meters of solar cells installed on the company’s roof, which will help make us self-sufficient in energy.

After this, we will have a number of roof wind turbines installed, which will help to produce even more energy that we can use in our workshop.

Our CEO, Søren Rasmussen, spoke to Avisen Danmark about the big project and the green transition, which he hopes can inspire other companies.

“How can we drive out to the customers in our diesel cars and tell them to ditch the diesel engine?” – That’s what Søren said, among other things, in the article, which you can read her.

Søren Rasmussen Nordhavn Power Solutions
Søren Rasmussen Nordhavn Power Solutions