What characterizes a stabile engine?
Flawless operation!

How do you maintain flawless operation?
Maintenance according to requirements and by using original spare parts!

The Egholm Ferry had two Scania Group DI12 engines installed in 2011, and they have operated flawlessly since then.

To maintain the stabile operation, our Service Technician Bent Bjerre performed overhaul the two engines and performed service on their Twin Disc gear.

Johannes Steen Jørgensen, who is the Captain on The Egholm Ferry, was satisfied with the accomplish work, and has made the following statement:

“Nordhavn Power Solutions has once again performed service and solve our problems to great satisfactory. This time, we needed them to overhaul both of our Scania engines and perform service our Twin Disc gear. We can always count on their competent Technicians, who are observant and continuously guides us. We are very satisfied with their qualifications and expertise.”

We are always grateful to receive positive comments about our work and we appreciate our good cooperation with Johannes and his team.

We will continue to deliver the same high quality of service to Johannes and the rest of our customers. We look forward to helping more customers to secure that their engines operate flawlessly – because we know, how expensive downtime can be for our customers!

Egholm Færgen
Bent Bjerre Scania Egholm Færgen