What are we going to do when new demands require that we meet green transition and Government makes restrictions for “DK2030 – A greener, secure and stronger Denmark”?

Our CSO – Jørk Rudolph often is asked that exact question, and the interest for more environmentally friendly engine and genset solutions, has never been higher than it is now.

small islands ferry company

This is also the reason that Jørk is often invited to talk about the alternatives that we offer our customers and to talk about which direction, we as a company, think is proper for future installations, change of present installations and what you as a customer need to consider, before making a choice on which solution is the best for the project in question.

Last week, Jørk was invited to the annual meeting at Småøernes Færgeselskaber (small islands ferry company), to discuss this topic. “An interesting evening, filled with good dialogues regarding methanol, diesel hybrid, etc.” Jørk tells.

Next week, Jørk is invited to the Faroe Islands to discuss the same topic and he always feels honored to be invited to make a presentation.

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